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Youth Development Group Local Policy

One of the main reasons to implement “Youth Development Group” was the interest and the need for better education , environment and entrepreneurship opportunities around the municipalities of Albania and around the region.

Through our local government policy, we want to be the necessary voice for a better welfare for our community. Youth Development Group is preparing the necessary team in order to build education, environment and entrepreneurship tools for our youth. Our Local Government Policy will offer to students and young professionals’ internships, scholarships, exchange programs, in order to have a better future for their professional career.


What our Local Government Policy offer:

Research & Monitoring & Evaluation: We work towards research on identifying issues prevailing in the society, understanding them and evaluating their impact and working towards exploring sustainable solutions.

Service to Environment: We work to maintain a clean environment, and we work on awareness campaigns in order to give fruitful results regarding the future of environment.

Advisory to Lawmaking & Enforcement: Our Organization opposes “breaking law” actions around the municipalities of Albania. We offer support and necessary tools for having a regular lawmaking policy. We are working to be the necessary voice in order to oppose the laws under the control of corrupted regime.

Representation: We provide opportunities for our youth and for our members, to represent us in municipality councils and relevant institutions.

Presentation Campaigns: Our Team is working to present our program at every municipality of Albania and in the region. We will familiarize and give to them the freedom to explore the initiatives we are working towards.



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