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Youth Development Group

Founded new in September 2016 , Youth Development Group ( YDG ), is an International Non- Governmental Organization which aims to provide a platform for today’s youth to connect, exchange and work towards sustainable development.

Youth Development Group aims to work in different areas such as education, entrepreneurship and cultural exchange to foster the exchange of ideas and information and to develop a strong army of youth who possess the willingness and desire to work towards a better future.

We are focusing on  education, entrepreneurship, Monitoring and Research Strategies, and cultural exchange.

Our Mission

To make significant strides in the field of education and entrepreneurship and develop a strong army of youth who possess the desire to make this world a better place.

Our Vision

By the end of 2030, we hope to have branches in every country and make significant contributions to youth development wherever we operate in.

Our Values


To build an environment of trust, and maintain an ethical code of conduct


The belief, passion and the inner drive for working towards a better future


To empower our youth, provide them the resources and freedom to explore
What We Do

Scholarships: Through our wide spread network, we collaborate with other organizations to help students fund their higher education so that they can benefit from high quality education and gain international exposure.

Internships: We offer internships in various fields such as human resources, public relations , logistics, marketing, fundraising and operations which will provide a platform for young and motivated people to understand how an NGO works, gain useful experience and add something significant on their professional profile.

Conferences: We will be hosting various international events in different regions with the aim to bringing youth from various countries on a single platform where they can connect, network and share ideas and information.

Monitoring and Research Strategies: Youth Development Group plans to work to monitor and identify problems in the Albanian society and important fields related to the development of this country. In order to improve our country, we have to identify and analyze the problems first, think of solutions and use different tools and methodologies to solve them. Monitoring and research results will give us a clear evaluation of the situation and realistic data for a specific issue and will help us to think objectively for the possible solutions. 

Youth Leadership Magazine: Youth Development Group is releasing every month a magazine, which promote youth activities and raising of young leaders related to our organization activities and its partners across the globe. The first edition will be released in January 2017.



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